Your adversary is the most exceedingly terrible issue you can look in your life as he tries to hurt you any way and any shot he gets.This could be because of desire scorn legacy or some other issue.Every body needs to carry on with a tranquil life and dispose of his/her every one of these techniques are demonstrated tried to make your ememy endure and quit interfaring in your life yet recall just do them on the individual who truly merit it.If you do it on somebody in envy it might return on be mind ful.


1.wazifa for dushman(enemy)

agar dushman her waqat satata ha aur makan,zameen,dukan,ya shopping center per qabez haaur qabza nahi deta,ayse dushman ko pereshan kerne ki liye sura asar ko 21 martabanamak ki ek dali per phere isi thara namak ki saat daliyan len aur in per 21-21 martaba pher ker dum kereaur aag me dalee dushman apni harqaton se baaz aa ji ga.

:in the event that your adversary continues irritating you or he isn’t emptying your home or arrive or some other propety ,at night time present sura asar on 7 bits of strong salt and place it in flame trying to say his name and on the off chance that you do it at asar time it would be extremely powerful and he will soon quit annoying you.


2.dushman ki liye wazifa(destroy foe)

ek lemo le aur us ko samne rakh le aur pher is per 1000 martaba phere ek he majles meaur her 100 martaba ke baad dushman ki mukhuree ke lie dua amal ko taqreeban 21 clamor kere aur pher us lemo ko kisi koen me daal de dusham tahba ho ji ga.

:take a leamon and place it before you and now at night time after nightfall discuss sura inaatina for 1000 times and after every 100 times blow it on the lemon saying your foes name ,do this for 21 days and afterward toss the leamon in a well.your adversary will be decimated.


3.dushman se nijat k liye wazifa(to dispose of your foe)

Chore ke khak la ker 71 martaba sura feel phere aur is amal ko 71 noise jare rakhe pher is khak ko dushman ke ghar me phenk de to dushman se nijat mil ji ge,amal pherte waqat kali mirch ka bukhoor jalaiye aur mu me neem ka pata rakhe.

:To dispose of your foe get a handfull of tidy from where four ways get together and discuss sura feel for 71 times for 71 days and afterward toss the tidy in his home or give him in sustenance or drink,while charming copy dark peeper and put something acrid in your mouth.


4.dushman se bachne ka wazifa(to avoid adversary)

Reat per beth ker sura hasher ke akhree do ayat ko phere aur pher 21 martba ke baad shamal junoob mashraq aur mahrib ke taraf unglee se ishara kere aur apne ghird ek ghol dayera kachne wo dushman ke nazroo se poosheeda hp ji ga.

:Sit on the sand and recount sura hasher last 5 verses for 21 times and with your finger point towards north,east,west,south,then influence an insurance to hover around you and your adversary won’t discover you.


5.dushman se hifazat ka wazifa(protection from foe)

dushamn se hifazet ke lie ye wazifa sirf 3 martba subha sham phere to allah ke nabi ne farmaya us ko duniya ke koi taqat nuqsan nai puanchai ge.”bissmillah hilaze la yuzuru mama ismehe shiun filarze wala fissame wa hoas sami ul aleem”,ha to buhat mukhtasr per lajawab amal ha.

:For security of your children,wealth and everything prophet said simply recount this above verse 3 times in day and at dusk and you might remain ensured and nobody can hurt is short yet recollect capable wazifa for assurance of your riches and your kids.

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