Wazifa For Beautiful Face & Body Attraction

Wazifa For Beautiful Face & Body Attraction 

This is a very famous and result oriented wazifa for beauti.The verse of quran ”allah ho noor us samawat wal arz””ض ِرْ ُور َّ الس َم َاو ِ ات َ و ْالأَ has ”َّاللهُ نُ great effects for bringing beauti.Take some rose water and mix it with abe zam zam the holy water.mix some saffron in it.now after fajar prayer recite this verse for 1100 times on the day of friday in the first hour after sunrise.your forumala is ready.every day when you have to take shower just mix some water in your bathing water.Keep doing this for 3 weeks for best results.


wazifa for beauty of body;

To perform this wazifa you have to do this on wednesday in the hour of sun and enchant the following verse of quran for 2100 times in one sitting for 301 times.

Thinging you need;

1.sandalwood oil
2. olive oil
3.sunflower oil
4.rose oil

once you have got all those things mix them well together and keep them under the light of the stars for seven days but remember to protect it from sunlight during the day time.Now as described above do the following and blow it on the mixture each time you have recited it for 100 times completing it reading last tashbee of 101 times so the 301 times is completed.use this mixture of oil daily all over the body before thaking the shower.The besttime to apply it is at night before sleeping.


wazifa for beauty face;

Lot of people are looking for a solution to enhance their face beauti ,by doing this wazeefa you can enlighten your face with beauty.first of all you have to gain power of the particular verse by reading it 41 times daily for 11 days first in order to use it for your desired pourpose.The verse is from quran.

الكثير من الناس يبحثون عن حل لتعزيز وجوههم الجميلة ، من خلال القيام بهذا wazifa يمكنك تنوير وجهك بالجمال.الأولى من كل ما عليك أن تكتسب قوة الآية الخاصة بقراءتها 41 مرة يوميا لمدة 11 يوما أولا من أجل لاستخدامها ل pourpose المطلوب. الآية من القرآن

Now when you have done the above procedure for 11 days now take the skin peeled from oranges and dry them in sunlight.Dry them until the moisture is dried.Now crush them into powder and recite the above verses in following manner:

*drooud sharif 11 times
*surah fathia 7 times
*above verses 300 times
*suran falaq 11 times
*drooud sharif 11 times

Now blow it on the obtained powder and use it on your face for atleast 3 weeks and it will bring beauty and light to your face inshallah.


qurani wazifa for beauty:

The best quranic wazifa for beauty is to recite surah yusaf daily for once after fajar prayer and once after isha prayer concentrating on your required aim.Take a glass of water and after you have read the surah visualize the light of beauty in the water and drink it after you have completed your recetation.

أفضل وزيمة قرآنية للجمال هي قراءة سورة يوسف يوميا لمرة واحدة بعد صلاة الفجر ومرة ​​بعد صلاة العشاء تركز على هدفك المطلوب.اخذ كوب من الماء وبعد أن تقرأ السورة تصور ضوء الجمال في الماء والشراب بعد الانتهاء من الاستلام الخاص بك.

This will bring beauty to your face and your soul .


best wazifa for beauty :

This is a hidden secreat for beauty of ones reflection .Take a candle and place it infront of you on a small table approximately three feet away from you and start gazing into the light of the candle.There shall be pin drop silence in the room and no one shall disturb you.now start reading surah jinn for 11 times and try not to blink as you are gazing into the light.This will bring a special beauti effect on your face,a special power in your eyes and your body.

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